5 Days Hainan, Xinglong, Sanya Land Tour

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Highlights: The Red Lady Army Sculptures . Wan Quan River . Bo'ao Forum for Asia . Xing Long Tropical Botanical Gardens . Hotspring . The End of the Earth . Nan Shan Buddism Culture Garden . Sanya City . Miao Cultural Village . Yalong Bay/Beach . Luhuitou Mountain Peak

Day 1: Singapore/Haikou     (DINNER)
Take a flight to
Haikou City, known also as the Coconut City. It is the capital of Hainan Province and China
's second largest island. It has a tropical climate that is favorable for tourists and you can admire the beautiful blossoms all year around. Upon arrival, check into Haikou Hotel.

Day 2:
Take a coach to Xinglong and on the way there, you can admire "The Red Lady Army Sculptures", "
Wan Quan River" and the site of Bo'ao Forum for Asia. Next, visit Xing Long Tropical Botanical Garden, known for its hot spring and visit their tropical Bird Park
and Garden. Walking through the Garden, you can admire the pretty scenery of the various unique plants and tropical blossoms, which will definitely energized with you with tons of surprises and leaving you with a refreshing and calming feel. After dinner, enjoy a relaxing hot spring bath.

After breakfast, take a coach to visit Sanya, a famous coastal city known for its tropical beach landscapes. It is a sacred and mesmerizing attraction not to be missed! " The end of the Earth", which originated from the ancient saying the round sky and the square earth. It is 24km away from the downtown center, just as its name means that it will take you to the end of heaven and earth. There are a few famous huge rocks here and that attract lots of visitors, as the Chinese characters of "Tianya", "Haijiao", "Nantian Yizhu" and "Haipan Hantian" are respectively engraved on them. You can also admire the "Golden Jade Kwan-yin" statue with a towering 108 meters in height. It comprises of three statues all integrated into one structure where it symbolizes "Peace", "Wisdom" and "Compassion" respectively. Nanshan is
China's well-known longevity area and the Nanshan Temple ranks as one of the top attractions in the Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone. You can also savor Hainan Kuding Tea Culture.

Day 4: Sanya/Haikou     (BREAKFAST/LUNCH/DINNER)
After breakfast, you will visit the Li and
Miao Cultural Villages. They are hospitable people and you can have an understanding of their ethnic cultures, as well as immersed in the natural beauty of their villages. Next, proceed to visit Luhuitou Mountain Peak and Crystal museum. Sanya has attains its reputation as being the 'Oriental Hawaii' Yalong Bay boasts unparalleled beauty. The scenery is amazing, with endless rolling hills embracing the clear blue sea, serene silvery sand beaches and pristine fields. Take a coach to view the outdoor filming location of the Miss Universe Finals 'Champion of Beauty'. Purchase some of Hainan's local products and souvenirs before returning to Haikou

Day 5:
The day is free for leisure after breakfast and you can shop at
Haikou commercial area. After lunch, transfer to the airport for your flight back to Singapore.

Night Accommodations:
Connifer Garden Haikou(4*)
Mingyue Hotspring Hotel Xinglong (4*)
Harvest Qilin Hotel (4*)
Haikou Hotel (4*)

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*The Company reserves the right to alter itinerary without prior notice to ensure the smooth running of the tour and price are subjected to changes.*

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