5 Days Okinawa Explorer

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Hightlights: Manzamo . Gala Aoiumi . Okinwa Churaimi Aquarium . Shuri Castle (Shuri-jo) . Southeast Botanical Garden . Kadena US airbase . American Village . Ashibina Outlet Mall . World War Two . Peace Memorial Park . Okinawa Prefectural Peace Memorial Museum . Gyokusendo . Kokusai Street Gokoku Temple . Naminoue Shrine

Day 1    Singapore/Taipei/Naha    (MEAL ON BOARD)
Assemble at Singapore Changi International Airport for your flight to Naha, Okinawa, Japan via Taipei, Taiwan. Upon arrival, meet and transfer to hotel. Okinawa Prefecture occupies the southern half of the Ryuku archipelago, which stretches between Kyushu and Taiwan. It consists of 160 large and small islands studded over a vast ocean area centering 26 degrees north latitude and 127 degrees east longitude, but only 48 are inhabited.Hotel: Ekka Hotel or similar

Day 2    Naha/Manzamo/Churaumi Aquarium & Ocean Expo Park   (BREAKFAST/LUNCH/DINNER)

Shuri Castle (Shuri-jo) is believed to have been built in the 14th century by King Satto. Exact year of construction is unknown, but it is recorded that the castle was built when the 1st Sho Dynasty united the Kingdom. Since then, it was expanded and maintained by the 2nd Sho Dynasty. Architectural characteristics of Japan, China and Ryukyu are present in the building. The site was burnt down in the battle of Okinawa, but a part of it was restored and rebuilt, and in 1192, the Shuri-jo Koen, or the Shuri Castle Park, was open to the public. Shurei Gate, reconstructed in 1958, has red-colored tiles on the two-layered roofs, which are set in white lime, retaining a beauty unique to Okinawa. In December of 2000, it became a part of the World Cultural Heritage.Manza-mo a sweep of natural grass, covering the top of a high precipice, is beautifully contrasted with the blue sea. The scenery is the most magnificent in Okinawa.  Located in Onna Village, the cape is particularly known for its distinctive formation that resulted from wave erosion and it resembles an elephant's trunk. The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium with its colorful paintings of coral reefs and tropical fish, is home to some of the world’s largest marine fishes, the whale sharks, and world famous manta rays. The aquarium has three theme zones. Entering from the 4th floor entrance, visitors discover the sea of corals. The Kuroshio (the Japan Current) zone has the world biggest acrylic panel (8.2 m in height, 22.5 in width and 60 cm thick). There is also the deep-sea world zone with its luminescent living creatures. A total underwater experience while staying on the ground. Hotel: Hotel Miyuki Beach or similar

Day 3    Naha/Botanical Garden/Kadena /American Village (BREAKFAST/LUNCH/DINNER)

Southeast Botanical Garden , it is 400,000 m2 in size, has 100 species of plants, 3,000 kinds of tropical flowers and 200 tropical fruit trees collected from all over the world. Kadena US airbase is the biggest airbase in Okinawa with two 4km long runway; it is big enough for two jumbo plane landing. American Village in Chatan Town is a popular “waterhole” with plenty of night activities. American Village is also a popular shopping area and is located just outside Camp Lester.  Ashibina Outlet Mall, Ashibina is Okinawa's first ever outlet mall, with 70 world brands gathered in one location. On the ground floor, manufacturer’s directly-managed shops and legitimate branches are standing next to each, offering goods at 30-80% of their regular price. On the second floor, the food corner gourmet zone has 6 restaurants and a 600-seat capacity. Hotel: Hotel Miyuki Beach or similar

Day 4    Naha /Peace Memorial Park /Okinawa World/ Kokusai Street         (BREAKFAST/LUNCH/DINNER)
Towards the end of World War Two, Okinawa Island became site of one of the war's bloodiest battles, when the US forces invaded and occupied the island. An estimated 200,000 people, including more than 100,000 civilians and 12,500 Americans were killed in the battle, which lasted from April to June 1945. Numerous sites and memorials related to the "Battle of Okinawa" are concentrated mainly in the south of the island, where the worst fighting took place: The spacious Peace Memorial Park is located near the southern tip of the island. Its main attraction is the Okinawa Prefectural Peace Memorial Museum, which gives a sobering overview of the road to the battle, the battle itself and the reconstruction of Okinawa. Other monuments in the park include the "Cornerstone of Peace", a collection of large stone plates with the names of all fallen soldiers and civilians, including Koreans, Taiwanese, Americans and Britons. Okinawa World is a leisure land re-creating an ancient Okinawa village including Gyokusendo. Gyokusendo is the longest limestone cave in the Orient. 890m is open to the public (Total length is about 5km). You can see an Okinawa textile fabrics and glass making demonstration Ryukyu-dance and Ryukyu folk song on the stage. Also there are Habu (venomous pit viper of Ryukyu) Park and Tropical Fruit Garden. Kokusai Street is Naha's main street and downtown shopping district. There are hotels, souvenir shops, and many pubs & restaurants lined up and down this lively 1.6 km street starting from Naha Bus Terminal. Hotel: Ekka Hotel or similar
Day 5    Naha / Taipei-Singapore      (BREAKFAST)
After breakfast free at own leisure. Take a walk down to Omoromachi a new downtown area near DFS for your last minute shopping. Omoromachi also known as Naha Shin-toshin is the most flourishing district in Naha City. New facilities such as large shopping mall, cinema-complexes, business hotels, bars and restaurant etc are continuously increasing in this vicinity.  Transfer to airport for your flight to Singapore via Taipei with sweet memories of Okinawa.

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* The Company reserves the right to alter itinerary without prior notice to ensure the smooth running of the tour and price are subjected to changes.*

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