7 Days 6 Nights Wonderful Hokkaido

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Hightlights: Shiraoi Ainu Village . Jigokudani . Jidaimura . Bear Ranch . Ishiya Chocolate Factory . Orgel Doh . Music Box Museum . Otaru Canal . Otokoyama . Asahikawa Snow Activities . Odori Park . TV Tower . Tokei Clock Tower . Susukino . Sapporo Underground Shopping Mall . Sapporo Nijo Fresh Seafood Market . Beer Factory . Ookurayama . Tanuki Koji Shopping Arcade

Day 1 Singapore – Taipei - Chitose (Hokkaido) Shiraoi Ainu Village     (MEAL-ON-BOARD/DINNER)
Assemble and check in at Singapore Changi International Airport One for your flight to Hokkaido. Please note check in time : 0030am Depart Singapore on your flight to Hokkaido via Taipei. Transit in Taipei for on going flight to Chitose. Upon arrival at Chitose Airport . Guide will bring you for lunch andn follow by Shiraoi Ainu Village, is one of Hokkaido's better Ainu Museums. Ainu culture and lifestyle is shown in an outdoor reproduction of a small Ainu villlage and lifestyle is shown in an outdoor reproduction of a small Ainu Village and inside a conventional museum building understand their lifestyle and the display of their heirlooms, traditional embroidery song and dance. Overnight stay in Noboribetsu Manseikaku Hotel or Similar.

Day 2 Noboribetsu - Jidaimura - Bear Ranch - Toya - Mt Showa    
After breakfast, proceed to Noboribetsu - Toya Jigokudani (Hell Valley) is a spectacular, appropriately named valley, which displays hot steam vents, sulfurous streams and other volcanic activity. An explosion crater that was formed 10,000 years ago. Next visit Jidaimura Step back in time to enjoy traditional games, activities, theaters, and street performances at this spacious 149km² theme park. The charm of ancient Japan is abundant as you mingle with the Ninja and Oiran couretesans so symbolic of the Edo Period. In the afternoon, Bear Ranch. The bear will be waving for your attention. Lastly, take a photo-stop at Lake Toya. You will be marveled at a group of small island, Nakano-Shima, "Floating" in the lazily in the middle of Lake Toya. Mt Showa (if time permits) is an exciting place to take in more great sights. There is a ropeway to the summit for a Panaoramic view of the surround areas, there are some nice shopes and a small museum showcasing the history of this volcanic ahead of showa shinza. Overnight in Toya Mansekaku Hotel or similar class

Day 3 Toka - Ishiya Chocolate Factory - Otaru - Music Box Museum - Otaru Canal     (BREAKFAST/LUNCH/DINNER)
This morning, we will vist the Ishiya Chocolate Factory. It is home to delightful made-in-Sapporo confectionary. Ishiya's white chocolate cookies are most popular among its range of chocolates, cookies, cakes and ice-cream, That is the famous white( sweetheart) chocolate from Hokkaido. Next visit the famous Otaru - Orgel Doh, which houses the Otaru Music Box Museum. Here you can view beautifully crafted music boxes and enjoy their heavenly music. Thereafter, proceed to the near-by Kitachi Glass Shop, reputed for its unique lamps and hand blown glassware. Otaru Canal. In the 1920s, when the shipping industry was flourishing, this canal was built to transport cargo to and from warehouses and now is the most picturesque canal from within the region. Make a brief stop here for some photo taking session. Overnight in Grand Park Hotel or Similar Class

Day 4 Otokoyama - Ramen Village - Asahikawa     (BREAKFAST/LUNCH/DINNER)
After breakfast, proceed to Otokoyama Sake Brewey Museum, which has 330 year of history of brewing. The spacious complex offers plenty to occupy the senses including a front seat view of the sake making process, a sake museum, as well as a delightful sake tasting room and gift shop. The sake museum is comprehensive in covering all facets of Otokoyama's rich sake brewing heritage, including ancient sake-related literature and art. In fact, one of Japan's most famous Ukiyoe painters, Utamaro, protrayed Otokoyama sakein a few of his works, forever affording Otokoyama a place in both the sake brewing and art histories of Japan. Make a stop at Ramen Village, Sapporo is famous for ramen. You can see signs "RAMEN" here and there, you can have a lot of tastes from Toyko style ramen in clear soup to Kyushu style in rich soup. Other new ramen streets have appeared and got popular. You should have "ramen in miso-flavor soup" at first. And then, enjoy various tastes! Proceed to Asahikawa, you will have the opportunity to sample somre of their local food. Shopping in Asahikawa starts with the main shopping street Kaimono Koen. Starting across from the main train station south of the city you will find the major department stores Seibu, Okuno. Visit the gourmet basement for some excellent food, or relax with a perfect coffee at the street-side cafe. There is a Asahikawa Snow Wonder Land for snow activities, it is open around 15 - 20 Dec. For no show period, will go to Ice Pavilion instead of Snow Activities. Overnight at Loisir Hotel Asashikawa or Similar

Day 5 Odori Park - Sapporo TV Tower - Tokeidai Clock Tower - Underground Shopping Mall    
After breakfast, head for Odori Park, the symbol of Sapporo City centrally located, it is a beautiful place with lots of lower beds and serves as the venue for the annual Sapporo Snow Festive. Next, make a stop at Sapporo TV Tower, which is 147.2 meters high, watches over the city. It houses an observation level at 90 meters that offers the best panoramic view of the city as well as the mountains and sea in the distance. There are also souvenir shops, resturants and a game center, so you can take it easy and spend some time here. Tokeidai clock Tower, is considered to be the symbol of Sapporo Sailt in 1878, and now protected as an important cultural property. It attracts a stream of tourists. After which, explore the famous Sapporo Underground Shopping Mall - check out all the great offers this city has to offer - lots of shopping and foods. Overnight in APA Hotel or Similar Class

Day 6 Sapporo Nijo Seafood - Beer Factory - Ookurayama - Tanuki Koji   (BREAKFAST/LUNCH/DINNER)
After breakfast, visit Nijo Fresh Seafood Market where you can find up to 60 shops selling all sorts of Hokkaido delicacies. It is a place where locals and tourists shop for fresk local produce and seafood such as crab, salmon and various fresh and prepared fish. We will tour to Beer Factory of brewing some of the best sake in Japan. You will also get to sample a different type of bitter and sweet sake. Next stop, Okurayama Observatory at the top of the hill can be accessed for spectacular views of Sapporo. Next, visit Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade, the largest shopping mall in Sapporo, Tanuki Koji has a history that stretches back 123 years. There are more than 200 stores offering a variety of goods ranging from clothes and footwear to electrical items and furniture. The unique aspect of this mall is that you will find old and traditional merchants selling kimonos, tea or incense side-by-side with the modern stores specializing in computer and software or state-of-the-art electronics or digital cameras. There are also games centers, restuarants and coffee shops. Shopping here is fun. Overnight in Apa Hotel or similar Class

Day 7 Hokkaido - Taipei / Singapore     (MEAL ON BOARD)
After breakfast, if time permits, you can do some last-minute shopping before you transfer to the Airport for your flight home. We hope you have had an enjoyable and memorable time with us.

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*The Company reserves the right to alter itinerary without prior notice to ensure the smooth running of the tour and price are subjected to changes.*


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