Days 8 Nights Shangri-la, Ancient A'lu Cave Cultural Tour

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Highlights: Yuantong Temple . Cuihu Garden . Lan Kwan Fong . Erhai Lake . Bai Minority . Beams River Ancient Town . Huangshan Village . Lijiang Ancient Town . First Blend of Yangtze River . Songzanlin Monastery . Tibetan Home . Napa Sea . Great Falls scenics areas style - Luxi . Fruit Farm - Fruit Plucking . Ancient A'lu Cave . Yi Ethnic Group's Tuzhangfang . Golden Horse Archway . Nanping Walking Street . Fresh Flowers Market

Day 1: Singapore / Kunming     (BREAKFAST/LUNCH/DINNER)
Assemble at
Singapore Changi Airport for your flight to Kunming, after breakfast, proceed to Yutong Temple and Cuihu Garden. Savor famous Yunnan's local favors. "Crossing Bridge Rice Noodles" and Steam-Pot Chicken (Qiguo Ji). Proceed to visit "Lan Kwan Fong" in Kunming
- Kundu night market after dinner.

Day 2:
/ Dali / Cangshan mountain     (BREAKFAST/LUNCH/DINNER)
After breakfast, proceed by coach to Dali, which have been inhabited by the Bai minority for generations. Visit the crystal waters of
Erhai Lake, also known as Yueyuza in ancient times. The lake was then named after its ear like shape which is the second largest lake in Yunan province. Continue the journey to visit the snow mantled Cangshan Mount Radiate with each other. Thus the scene was commonly described as "Silver Cangshan and Jade Erhai". Erhai Lake Par, the Bai people of Xi Zhou and Zhoucheng village, where the Bais still preserve culture. Enjoy the Bais claypot fish at dinner, thereafter, spend a serene night in Dali's Ancient City and Foreigner Street
where you can appreciate the traditional handicraft of the Bai-tie-Dying.

Day 3: Dali -
Lijiang- Beams River Ancient Town     (BREAKFAST/LUNCH/DINNER)
After breakfast, proceed to Lijiang, the center of the Naxi culture. It is also the melting point of the historical and cultural heritage of the Han, Tibetan, Bai, Naxi and other ethnic groups. Upon arrival, proceed to Beams River Ancient Town where you can see the miniature of the Town of Big Ink Slab, away from hustle and bustle of city life, enjoy the tranquility of country life here. The political factors are minimized here while the commercial aspects are emphasized. Savor authentic Naxi cuisine.

Visit Huangshan Village after breakfast. The culture of the Naxi cuisine, residential houses, agricultural delights, ancient music and dance, as well as the Dongba culture are integrated into this delightful farm tour which attracted many tourists from all over the world. The town of Huangshan is celebrated for its breathtaking natural scenery and the rich Naxi heritage. After lunch, you will proceed to Lijiang Ancient Town, it was put in the list of the World's Relics by the World Cultural Heritage Commission of the UNESCO. It is built without a city wall and the main streets radiate from the center Square Street and extend to different directions. The layout of the streets is neat and paved with stones; crystal clear water and clean streets run parallel throughout the town. It is not Jiangnan, but as good as it. It is embraced by mountains, with the Elephant Mountain
in the north.

Day 5: Lijiang / Shangri-la     (BREAKFAST/LUNCH/DINNER)
After breakfast, proceed to the beautiful Shangri-la, also known as Zhongdian. Enroute, you will see the first Bend of Yangtze River. The river runs from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, in a Southeast direction before it makes a turn and continues in the north direction. view the Dujuan Huahai at small Zhongdian and take a stroll at Gu Cheng Zhuan Tong after dinner.

Day 6: Shangri-la/Kunming     (BREAKFAST/LUNCH/DINNER)
After breakfast, visit Songzanlin Monastery, or 'Little Potala' as it is affectionately known. It is a spiritual place that invites you to discover the mystery and traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. Also an important Buddhist center which keeps many precious Buddhist center which keeps many precious Buddhist relics and scripture. The temple has a history of more than 300 years and it can accommodate more than 1600 chanting the Buddhist scripture simultaneously. Visit a Tibetan home after lunch and continue to tour Napahai, which is a seasonal sea.

Day 7: Shangri-la /Kunming/Great Falls Scenic Area Style - Luxi     (BREAKFAST /LUNCH/DINNER)
Take a flight to
Kunming after breakfast and proceed to Great Falls
scenic area style. (With return cable rides) by coach. from cutting countries bound who travel about 25km southwest OK to structure hydropower stations along the mountain road to walk about 2-3km arrived late Qing, is a magnificent waterfall in your eyes, this is the famous Lu Ping Yunnan Style Falls. The water flows from the Zhiliuiba gorge to the waterfall. The water cascading down over a 30-meter wide section of the cliff, at 150 cubic meters per second down 88 meters to the rocks. When the water hits the rocks below, it splashes into the sinking mist with thundering roar. A majestic and spectacular scene indeed! Try their famous Yuliang roast duck at lunch. Next, proceed to Luxi and tour their Fruits farm. Check in hotel after dinner.

Day 8: Luxi -
After breakfast, tour Ancient A'lu cave. The Ancient A'lu Cave, reputed as "the first wonderful cave in
Yunnan', is located in the southeast part of the province and is a group of Karst limestone caves in large scale. In the Song and Yuan Dynasty, one of thirty-seven old wild tribes called "Alu" once lived in the caves, hence the name "the Ancient A'lu Cave", in which is full of various kinds of unique, natural wonderful scenes. The cave had many specific and strange characteristics, like spring running out of cave, deep river flowing in the cave, long tunnel zigzagging along the cave, sky seeing through the cave. It is a spectacular lime form cave with 3000metre long passage accessible to the tourist, including Alu Origin Cave, Jade Pillar Cave, Green Jade Cave and Jade Stalagmite River as well. Also, tour the Yi ethnic group's Tuzhangfang and savor their authentic food. In the afternoon, you can pluck yangmei fruit up on the mountain and thereafter coach back to Kunming
to check in hotel.

Day 9: Kunming/ Singapore     (BREAKFAST/LUNCH/DINNER)
After breakfast, you will visit Kunming's known architecture "Golden Horse Archway", "Nanping Walking Street" and "Fresh Flower Market". Next, you can have a shopping spree at the biggest wholesale market in
Southwest China area Luosiwan commercial products wholesale market. Here, you can buy nice fashionable clothing at a bargain. Proceed to take a flight back to Singapore
in the afternoon.

* The Company reserves the right to alter itinerary without prior notice to ensure the smooth running of the tour and price are subjected to changes.*

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